'; Menieres Disease Diet Potassium

Menieres Disease Diet Potassium

In most cases menieres disease affects only one ear.

Menieres disease diet potassium. A low sodium low salt diet is traditionally recommended for those of us living with menieres disease because it does have the ability to lower blood pressure. Menieres is a progressive disease which means it gets worse over time. Use a low salt diet go on a diuretic avoid caffeine and alcohol and take an antihistamine such as serc and betahistine. 3 ounces of chicken.

Its important to remember that a low sodium diet is by no means the end all be all of managing a chronic condition like tinnitus or menieres disease. It may start slowly with occasional hearing lossvertigo may develop later. This will act as a diuretic and can even offset a meal in which you accidentally ate too much salt. Veda is another good resource for menieres disease information and this link goes to a pdf they have on diet information for menieres.

Continued menieres disease symptoms. 16 natural ways to manage menieres disease as there is no known cure for the disease managing the troubling symptoms is key. Basically people who have menieres disease are told the following. But if sodium makes your symptoms worse i encourage you to give the diet and these suggestions a try.

This change isnt always significant but the little bit of pressure change can help decrease the amount of pressure inside. Learn about menieres symptoms treatment diet causes triggers and more. Connect with others who understand what youre going through. Menieres disease is a disorder of the inner ear that can lead to dizzy spells vertigo and hearing loss.

3 ounces of cod or halibut. 12 cup cubed of avocados. The vestibular disorders association recommends these dietary considerations for a menieres disease healthy diet that supports the regulation of fluid balances. Other natural diuretics include dandelion tea do not consume before bed hibiscus ginger nettle beets asparagus and celery.

Why low sodium is recommended for menieres disease. Excess salt may increase fluid. Menieres disease has no known cause or cure. In either case you can add potassium rich foods into your diet instead.

However with the right treatment which often includes diet and supplements you can manage the most debilitating aspects of the condition. I do a lot on an ongoing basis to keep my symptoms in check.