'; Damien Hirst For The Love Of God

Damien Hirst For The Love Of God

In 2007 artist damien hirst exhibited a work at the white cube gallery in london which is reputed to be the most expensive contemporary artwork ever made.

Damien hirst for the love of god. He explains of death. Here hirst features his infamous diamond encrusted platinum skull of the same year. The diamond encrusted skull for the love of god by british artist damien hirst which gained iconic status following its first exhibition in 2007 will be presented at palazzo vecchio in florence. Available for sale from phillips damien hirst for the love of god 2009 screenprint in colours with diamond dust on wove paper the full sheet 326.

For the love of god 2007 is a life size platinum cast of an eighteenth century human skull covered by 8601 flawless diamonds inset with the original skulls teeth. For the love of god in italian per lamor di dio is a sculpture created in 2007 by english contemporary artist damien hirst. She used to say for the love of god what are you going to do next for the love of god acts as a reminder that our existence on earth is transient. To accompany the exhibition hirst selected sixteen works from the rijksmuseums collection of 17 th century dutch paintings many of which displayed thematic similarities to for the love of god.

By julia steinmetz apr 29 2009 damien hirst for the love of god 2007. The work which cost around 14 million to fabricate was put up for sale at the white cube gallery in london at a price of 50 million. It consists of a platinum cast of an 18th century human skull encrusted with 8601 flawless diamonds including a pear shaped pink diamond located in the forehead that is known as the skull star diamond. At the front of the cranium is a 524 carat pink diamond.

It consists of a human skull cast in platinum enriched with 8601 diamonds including a pink diamond shaped dropthe so called marquise diamond located on the front of the skull. Hirst combined the imagery of classic memento mori with inspiration drawn from aztec skulls and the mexican love of decoration and attitude towards death. You dont like it so you disguise it or you decorate it to make it look like something bearable to such an extent that it.